How’s the job market in Gotham?


I received some flattering feedback for my initial blog — or more accurately — my friends all had the same uncanny reaction of nodding and smiling a little too quickly when asked if they had a chance to read it. After chalking it up as being plenty productive for the week, I went to watch The Dark Knight Rises again, in IMAX this time.

Going to the movies alone has a certain stigma about it, which I never understood. I mean, it’s completely logical to want to take in a story without having to intermittently lean over and pretend to chuckle at whatever the hell the person next to you just indecipherably whispered in your ear, right? Well, I was sitting there alone when a father of two ushered his sons in and sat down, leaving a seat in between us – completely courteous of my date for the movie that will never arrive. I admired the quality time he was devoting to his boys, but my admiration quickly halted when they suddenly launched into a salvo of questions about whether or not the IMAX screen was bigger than the sky.

Aw hell nah I uttered to myself almost audibly, I was not about to sit through two and half hours of shushing these kids. The first showing I went to, I sat so close to the screen, it felt like I was watching the film through one of those dash cam views you see on America’s Wildest Police Chases. It was disorienting and a bit nauseating; this time, I vowed to have the perfect viewing experience.

So I  found myself stuck at an internal crossroads of (A) making sure I was not disturbed in the least, and (B) potentially offending the father by relocating to a new seat so suddenly. Swift ingenuity kicked in and I instinctively whipped my phone out and up to my ear – “Hello? Yeah h-hold on a minute I’m in a theater, let me step out.” I made my way to the exit, you know, out of proper manners and essentially earning a redo of seat selection a minute later. On return, I picked a seat out of view of the man and his kids. Victorious now, with empty seats on either side of me, I began to feel like Al Pacino did in the hot tub in Scarface.

So the film thundered along, as exhilarating as the first time I saw it. At one point after a Batman/Bane showdown, there was a kid sitting a few seats over from me who looked around the theater with an expression that begged the question “Was that F!@#$%& awesome or what??”

I nodded back in a way that said “Yeah kid – that was F!@#$%& awesome.”

The Dark Knight Rises is triumphant considering the monumental hype surrounding it, but it had more going for it than against it. I mean, with Morgan Freeman and Michael Cain, you’re about 8/10ths of the way to a great film already. Seriously, these guys are walking Oscar performances. I imagine bank tellers applauding Morgan Freeman as he finishes depositing a check and waitresses tearing up as Michael Cain finishes his breakfast at IHop. There are very few actors that can be listed in a cast and have audiences immediately think “That shit’s goin’ be good” – and The Dark Knight Rises has about 4 of them.

Seeing as how this is a blog about my quest for a job, many of you are probably wondering how my job search is going. I wasn’t able to find any inside that Air and Space Museum IMAX theater, but of course, you guys didn’t expect this blog to conclude so soon, right? Someone once said procrastination is the…um…art of keeping up with something – I’ll look it up later.

If you haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises, I highly recommend it. And if you’re going to shell out 16 bucks, go to a real IMAX theater – you know, the one that shows all that educational crap in between Batman showings. The screen is just magnificent; I mean it’s almost like watching a movie projected in the sky or something…



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